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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
I haven't touched my car, but will check that headlights adjust properly. Was wondering if the 'arms' pop out easily, or what's the trick to remove them?

And for those who already adjusted their headlights, you should do this fix and readjust your headlights since you have no headlight leveling now. Good catch OP . The only question left is what the hell is the front arm for . This is the first car I own that has two adjusting arms; there's always just one at the rear. And when you moved it, it didn't respond; Did you try after fixing the rear arm??? Wonder if it responds now . Later.
My Audi had the same setup. One in the front and one in the back. To adjust it, I just loosened the 10mm bolt that holds the leveling arm bracket to the lower camber arm. Once that is removed, you can move the arm freely. Then just adjust it so that the assembly is as shown in the OPs picture and then reinstall the bolt. Took me about 30 min to jack the car up, remove the wheel, make the adjustments and then put the car back. That included taking the front wheel off too so I could check the sensor connection there. As the OP said, the front can only be done one way so it would be hard to screw it up without breaking it.
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