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Originally Posted by ///M 4 Life View Post
it seems like they are both the same really besides small differences? i'll just go with jL
If wet lay CF vs. authentic dry vacuum formed CF is a "small" difference

Wet lay carbon fiber is to dry vacuum formed CF as grape juice is to a great Napa Valley red wine. It's made from the same stuff, but due to important manufacturing steps, it's a totally different end product with a totally different price and a totally different set of benefits. But, both are still a beverage, if that's how you look at it.

More info:

Again, to those of you who have fitment issues, please contact us and we can help you make it right, even if you didn't purchase from us. Vorsteiner stands by their products, and we stand by Vorsteiner.

Best of luck whichever route you go.

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