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Why are you trying to twist this into what I have or have not done, or are you that hung up on my life? I dont give two shits if you wrestled or not, I didnt ask, I dont care.

My point is valid, the fucking guy went 5 rounds going all out without a moment of idleness, shit, id like to see you do one round against Silva and not get tired, but let me guess, your going to tell us your wrestling in school, and the fact you met a fighter makes it so you could???

Your point was that hes lost to mostly submissions, my response was valid, and my example as well. While Hughes is a wrestler, he likes to bang, and he got caught 3-7 times with a ko, the wrest, submission. Most wrestlers who like to be on the ground are going to have more submission losses than KO numb nuts. Chael, hes a ground game guy and takes it there every time. No room to look elsewhere pal.

I dont even know why were discussing this, Im not even a fan of Chaels. I guess its that you have to make him look worse and not worthy because I called your precious a Bitch lol. Keep talking down the guy who handed Silva his ass though, the next time Silva fights, whoever it is, hes going on his ass again and its gona be a repeat. And I hope he has more punching power than Chael because if so, Silvas going to sleep, hell Chael dropped him with a weak sauz slap. The best wrestler in the world couldn't teach Silva enough to get his grappling in shape in time.