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Originally Posted by OC 335i View Post
Fighters do come in at 100%. Sometimes it's 90% sometimes it's 100%. A broken rib is something else (I have had one and have had bruised ribs on several occasions). When I was younger I could deal with it, now I can't even grapple with bruised ribs unless I have a rib guard. I often choose to take a break instead though.

Anderson never fuly committed to subs. They were not blocked. When he had the butterfly guard, he just sat there with it. Then when he had his feet on his hips, he never tried to turn the corner (that's a big key to a lot of subs). Anderson didn't posture up from open guard and didn't EVER try to sweep. Towards the later rounds he was content of minimizing damage from the closed guard. He didn't open it for the most part.

Sonnen loses to subs all the time. He has poor sub defense. I don't know how you can possibly think he was blocking Anderson's attempts when there were either barely any or he never fully committed to them. Sonnen got caught in the triangle because he was busy trying to throw punches because he is always ultra aggressive. He didn't smother and use grinding elbows from the top like GSP/Tito/Couture would. Watch the fight again, Sonnen was trying to get out. This, you are 100% wrong on. It was a triangle/armbar combo (see vid) though.

Demian Maia Submission (Triangle Choke)
Paulo Filho Submission (Armbar)
Jeremy Horn Submission (Armbar)
Renato Sobral Submission (Triangle Choke)
Jeremy Horn Submission (Guillotine Choke)
Keiichiro Yamamiya Decision (Majority)
Jeremy Horn TKO (Cut)
Scott Shipman Submission (Choke)
Forrest Griffin Submission (Triangle Choke)

As you can see he's been getting subbed his whole career.
exactly, a rib injury is pretty painful. I got bruised ribs after playing football and it would hurt to breath, drive, sleep. Cant even imagine a broken one. Not sure what the severity of his injury was though, but it clearly slowed him down. He never once tried to hip escape. Sonnen had control but only cause Anderson did nothing to get out, he would just control his wrist and try to minimize the blows

ive been a big Sonnen fan for a long time, I like the way he fights. I wasnt too thrilled about his trash talking this time cause Anderson is the complete opposite when it comes to that. But OC is dead on, he always gets subbed. I felt terrible for him when Paulo Filho didnt make weight and the fight was declared a non tittle fight. He should have been the WEC champ but sorry not gonna happen in the UFC. Anderson will continue to dominate. I actually wanna see him fight Vitor Belfort next or even Jon Bones Jones

IMO, unless you are the champ and you loose, you dont get the automatic rematch, you have to fight your way up again.

and you def cant compare GSP to Sonnen, two completely diff styles. When GSP takes someone down, he doesnt get triangled that easily. He controls and advances. He doesnt punch as much as Sonnen but it really didnt look like he was doing damage. Anderson didnt even look like he got hit after the fight