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Originally Posted by iku View Post
wow, thanks for all the responses! sorry, i have been busy with my fish tank :P anyways, it does snow a lot here.. especially after the winter that just went by. Anyways, i have never driven a M car, but i have sat in one (my friend's m3), and i didnt really like the SMG. Maybe it was because he didn't really know how to shift it (he gave me a ride after a month he got the car or something). Instead of smooth shifting that i was expecting, it felt like everytime when he shifted, my neck would snap. Very different from the auto trans. of my car.
Since the new m3 prob wont be out in june, i have no idea what to do.
Oh another thing is, i live up in the mountain, and i've seen countless of m3's stuck while going up hill (while snowing). so i am guessing the M3 handles just like my car in the snow (no traction in snow, even with snow tires)

OH last by not least, i've always thought bmw guys hated benz dudes :P i am very pleased with how i was welcomed here thanks guys

Oh you live in the mountains......that is a big difference than Vancouver proper.

The M cars will do what you bid. If you want smooth from SMG, you let off the gas as you upshift. If you want to have fast acceleration, you keep your foot in it and that's when you can have a little chirp from the tires all the way up to 100 mph.....

I think the M3 will be so hot that you should get a beater car during the heavy snow can tolerate that in order to enjoy the M at all other times.
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