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Hey guys firstly I just want to say to keep the conversation on topic and refrain from dongle wars. I created this thread for MMA fans who follow UFC to have decent conversation about what is going on in the Octagon. These kind of arguments achieve nothing and will only result in a thread ban which I would hate to see as I enjoy reading everyone's opinions here.

Anyways, moving on. I couldn't believe the Silva v Sonnen fight. I've never seen Silva get dominated like that. Not making any excuses for Silva but IMHO it was a combination of Silva having a rib injury + Silva getting rocked early on + Sonnen bringing his A game which is what we ended up seeing. Also, I thought Silva looked extra lean for this fight, not sure if that had anything to with anything.

Regardless, Sonnen backed up his trash talk and took it to Silva. I've never seen anyone put on that much pressure against Silva and Sonnen's cardio was great. As a Silva fan I found it really difficult to watch the fight and seeing him get ground and pound on like that. He's at his best on his feet and he even got rocked standing up a few times. I was glad he used his BJJ to pull off a submission because I really didn't want Sonnen to win. I really despised the fact that Sonnen stole Silva's moment to shine when he tapped to stop the fight causing the referee to intervene then continuing as if it never happened. He's a chronic liar in interviews but you can't fake it in the octagon.

Anyway, glad Silva is still the champ but I'm still in shock. Although he showed bravery and the ability to overcome adversity it's highlighted his flaws in his MMA fighting style. I think a GSP v Silva match could easily go GSP's way especially since he is very successful with take downs.

Congrats to Silva for another win that's 12-0!