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Originally Posted by Daniel135i View Post
I dont care if he met him, thats not the point, my point is, he doesnt KNOW him. Met, Know, are two different things pal. And that clown just said it to puff up his fighter because I called him a bitch. So, to counteract that, he says he personally knows him, thats what I refute, and still do. He doesnt know shit for anyone else who gets an autograph, or goes to a fucking sparring session.

Its lame to claim that shit, its what posers do the world over...
Alright, I'll consider this a valid point, but in his defense maybe he just means that he merely knows what type of guy Anderson is? Generally, you can gauge someone's personality after meeting them and spending a bit of time with them.

Anyways, back OT. I think last night's title fight knocked some sense into Silva for damn sure. I feel like he wasn't going to take this fight seriously, and even in the first round it appeared that he was letting Chael hit him in the jaw as if he were trying to taunt him? Silva didn't display any "blackbelt" BJJ skills until the last round either. In any event, I hope this fight will get Silva to stop his lame prancing around the ring like a fucking ballerina.