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back from ring

had a great time at the school and learned quite a bit.

This school is great and even though a BMW event, it was comprised of about 20 GT3's it seemed. (GT3 and RS - 997.1, and 997.2)

This school is held every august and the only way to learn the ring unless you speak german. For the first 2 days the course is split up into 11 sections and you repeat them 15+ times with instructors leading a small group of 10 cars (14) participants. Before each section begins we drive out slowly and then hop out to walk the more technical corner in that section and talk about the ideal school line with detailed maps. During lapping, the coaches can hop in and help with the line. Whenever i followed our lead coach in his C2S I thought I was doing great until i hopped in his car or with the other coach in a GT3 and they proceeded to double my speed through the same section!

Before the school i was lost on all but maybe 10% of the track. Now I am good for about 70% which is huge. My lap time while very very slow has been dropped by a full minute and at least I know where i'm at. It helps to memorize the section names and be able to identify them because its the only way you can communicate with anyone who knows what they are doing on the track.

The last day you have a full graded lap in the morning with open lapping in the afternoon (not public lapping, just for our school). The graded lap was fun bc they have the instructors hidden in all the major corners and they score you for precision and appropriate speed. I don't remember ever feeling so nervous! They work out the timing so you feel you are pretty much alone on the entire track. It was really fun though. I also found out I placed 3rd in my group and even won a trophy for it. just got it in the mail.

I also got to try a GTR! We had two GTR owners in our group who shipped their cars from the US to come out and play. This very nice gentleman asked me if I wanted to try it as we both had the same driving coach from the states who also attended with him. To say the least, its a really fun car to drive. I'm not a fan of AWD, but you wouldn't see me complaining if I had to drive one around the Nurburgring. They both held up to constant beating on the nordschleife for 3 days so other than going through pads rather quickly they seemed very hearty and up for the task.

A very good friend of mine that came out with me had a loaner E92 M3 with DCT. He has over 300 laps on the track and very quick. Anyways, the M3 held up pretty well, but definitely needs to have a proper cool down. after 2 continuous laps, we were getting pretty serious brake fade. The car was bone stock 2011 model.

Finally on the RS, wow - I couldn't imagine a better car to learn with and the car will put up with hours and hours of continuous hard driving without a hitch. You can also point it pretty much anywhere and it just goes as long as you are confident with the accelerator peddle.

here is video of one of my complete laps with a good friend talking through the turns. he was made an instructor for this school.

sitting at the karussell

"It gave you amazing satisfaction, but anyone who says he loved it is either a liar or he wasn't going fast enough." - Jackie Stewart on racing at the Nurburgring