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Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
At what point is there too many gear choices. Is an 8 speed really needed with a torquey V-8? I suppose it's a trade off of added weight vs increased performance resulting from the added gear choices. Personnally it seems like 8 speeds is over doing it, but then again I've never driven an 8 speed car.
Despite the M3 being a V8 it'll hardly be a torque monster. With an 8ms gear shift (practically non-existent delay) and an 8250 rpm redline, I suspect an 8 sp may be warranted. If you can keep the engine entirely in its sweet spot from 0-190 mph 8 speeds may indeed make a faster car. I also bet that the automatic modes for the ZSG will be pretty killer (they might make many of us faster drivers as well...). I do see your point though as I currently drive a 5 MT so even having 7 seems like a lot of gears.