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Silva Best P4P No Doubt

I've purposely avoided this thread because I've been overseas the past couple weeks and have not had a chance to see Fight Night with Bones Jones. Anyways, I had to go onto the UFC website anyway to watch the Countdown and am about to watch the Weigh-ins and saw the result anyway! Do'h

I can't wait to see Silva take on Sonnen. IMHO this will could potentially be one of his most memorable fights. Seriously, what is Sonnen thinking? Who wants to fight a motivated Anderson Silva? He is the real deal, a world-class MMA fighter. So far he has put away all of his Wins with ease. I've seen most of his fights and he's improved so much over the years and I'm sure we will see some new moves from his expanding skill-set during this fight.

This will be a showcase of his talent and skill and I don't see the fight going for very long unless Anderson chooses to humiliate Sonnen and intentionally prolong his beating. And why wouldn't he? IMO Sonnen has made a fool of himself, although I personally enjoy his antics and smacktalk he needs to understand that the fight is now personal and he's going to get owned. Whichever way you look at it, Silva will win. On paper he has better stats and his form has been phemonenal, we are seeing the best Silva we've ever seen.

I believe as MMA fans we are blessed to see such a fighter compete in mixed martial arts today, he is extremely talented and regardless of whether we take a liking to his personality he deserves a great deal of respect for his accomplishments. The only way I see Sonnen winning the fight is if Silva gets DQ for an illegal blow (which is how he lost 1 of his 4 losses on his official record).

I'm saying this now to all the nay-sayers who think Anderson will get KO'd. Sure you might like to see it but the chances of it happening are very slim. Silva is way too talented and a motivated Silva promising to deliver all the goods will destroy Sonnen and never make him want to fight him again.

Let the countdown being, I'm off to watch the weigh-in's. Go Silva!