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Originally Posted by ianbiz View Post
I agree about 90% there but look at MercGP.. the car was built around Jensen and Rubens' driving style which is the exact opposite of MS's. Jensen even mentioned how he prefers a little understeer and MS has always favored a car w/ 0 understeer, very sharp front end and some oversteer.
I would argue your example above proves the exact opposite of the point about drivers having little to do with development.

If drivers had nothing to do with it, the car wouldn't be how it is. Jensen had that car tailor made. Meaning he had a heavy hand in the setup and configuration which then drives a certain style of innovation.

At the end of the day, the drivers have to get into it and make it perform. If they aren't happy with its behavior and mannerisms under certain conditions, they probably won't put out any stellar performances.

I view it as a symbiotic relationship. Which is why I'm such a fan of Hamilton. He is fully devoted to Mclaren and its a great thing they have there. He is a superb driver for one of the best teams. Alonso is very much in a grass is always greener type mentality. He could have made Renault into something and been a made man, but he wanted to play the game. So Renault got Kubica and now Kubica is their poster boy.

I'd like for either Vettel, Hamilton, or Kubica to win the next few titles. Wouldn't mind Button either. He is solid, but Hamilton needs his 2nd WDC if he is going to pursue creating a legacy in the sport. Which he absolutely is capable of.