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Long story short I decided to go back to a E46 M3. Stopped by a local dealer that had a 06 black comp pack, and it reminded me how awesome of a car that is! I used to have an 01 E46 but sold it a while back since the warranty ran out. I like my E90 but its just not exciting enough for me, doesnt get the adreneline going like the //M.

I really liked the S4, but it just doesnt do anything for me on the exterior. The RS4 gets me going big time, but the S4 just looks, well to normal. I just LOVE the throaty V8 when you hit it. You just dont get that noise with a I6 (unless its the CSL of course).

Anyway, I'm still going to get a E92 M3 but I'll have my E46 M3 to "get me by" until I can wait for a used one to fall into my price range.