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Originally Posted by ajvee View Post
The claim number for 336950 replaced some engine bearings and bolts, realigned gears, and adjusted the camshaft timing.
That's FAR from normal man. That requires engine removal and teardown AFAIK. I've only heard a few cases with main bearing problems, but just started a thread wondering if there's more to the issue than we know about. Anyway, I'd RUN AWAY from that car; they're selling it with only 6K miles for a reason. My reasoning is this: that job was the first for ANY dealer, and the chances of not having done the job perfectly are high, but the chances of having screwed something else are higher still. The great majority of lemoned cars start with major issues like this. As a side note, I wouldn't even consider the car at any price unless ALL main bearings were replaced (not just the bad ones), and if a different dealer inspects the engine with a microscope. Unless you're a gambler at heart, I'd move on. Much rather buy a car with light (cosmetic) crash damage than this, but to each his own. Good luck man.

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