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Originally Posted by stickypaws View Post
A friend I used to work with just got his a few weeks ago. What's nice is that it isn't too low in respect to everyday real world driving. He lives in SF and was worried about the streets, but he's not having any issues.

About the 6.3 label. Yes, we all know it's a 6.2 liter, but I don't think AMG is going to let go of that number too easily. There was a poll done for AMG owners as to what they thought of keeping the 63 designation on the new AMG S Class with the 5.5 TT motor. It was a mixed response but AMG feels that the heritage is too strong and wants (for now) to keep the 63 model usage.
I find that a bit silly. The used to call the AMG's 55's when they had the 5.4 (I believe) motors..... It reminds me of how the S4 says V6T on the side even though its supercharged.... Silly IMO.