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Originally Posted by herbz View Post
1) Fork over the $20k for a rust-free e30 m3 located in california.

2) Drive it back home

3) Buy an s50

4) rebuild/turbocharge the s50

5) Put the s50 in the e30 m3

6) Upgrade rims, brakes, suspension on e30 m3

7) Laugh as you destroy any new BMW at the track or on the street, particularly the new M3 which costs upwards of $60k. Be satisfied with the fact that you spent only $20k on one of the most coveted, pure BMW's ever built, and spent $15-$20k modding it to make it a unique performance monster.
Yeah.. then one-day realise that you spend 20 grand on ass-raping a classic when, if you were going to destroy everything about a cars character, you may as well have gone out and bought a shitty little Civic and modded that instead...

.. spending $20k on "one of the most coveted, pure BMW's ever built" and spending 20k on changing everything about it is, then buying another BMW motor - and changing everything about that.., is, in my opinion, retarded.