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Originally Posted by STALKER View Post
Very nice.
How does it drive compared to more modern cars?
The best analogy that I can use is
"Think of the hottie that was in your class in high school and 22 years later,you get to be with her and discovers things change a lot in that time"

It is still a very special car but compared to a modern 911 TT it is extremly rough riding and not much suspension travel in the sport mode.The engine has serious power above 5500 rpm when the 2nd turbo comes on line but below 3500 is flat just like any 911 turbo of that era.I am pretty sure a modern 997TT would just blow it into the weeds on a road course or straight line.For a 1988 auto it is very impressive and it shows how far the normal performance car has come in 22 years.

A lot more info here on the cars.There were actually 337 built not the 200 that I said earlier.We also have an XJ220 which only had 281 copies made.

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