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Originally Posted by Alpine325ci View Post
im glad you agree i hope others do also. maybe bmw will think about doing this for next time or change it for the following year. the e92 and e93 have the same exact shaped roof tops, just that one is hard top and one isnt. the e46 has the regular shaped coupe top and the hardtop has a different shape like what i posted here. why couldnt they just do the same with the e92 and e93?
actually alpine, the e93's top's design is not by any measure the same as the e92's. it's actually a pretty large departure. then angle at which the rear window segment joins the roof deviates from the e92 design, and also the flatness of the convertible roof itself varies a significant amount from the e92.

more to the point though:
convertible tops just never look right.

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