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Originally Posted by MudPhud View Post
Just as I was about to pull the trigger on the 4+1 Alpine PDX-5 amp to upgrade the base/standard M3 audio system, I became intrigued by the 6-channel JL Audio XD600/6. Their power ratings, physical size, and online prices are very similar, but the JL Audio amp has a cleaner signal-to-noise ratio and a 2-year warranty (as opposed to 1-year for the Alpine).

I suppose my million-dollar question is: Is it wiser to go with the PDX-5's 4+1 arrangement in which the 300 W sub channel is driving BOTH under-the-seat woofers simultaneously or the XD600/6's arrangement in which channels 5 and 6 (75 W each at 4 ohms) are wired to the under-the-seat woofers independently as Left and Right? Part of me is drawn to the higher power of the PDX-5's 4+1 sub channel, but the other part of me is drawn to the simplicity of just hooking up the woofers individually as in the XD/600. What path have the rest of you taken? Have you been happy with these particular Alpine and/or JL Audio amps?

Am I wrong in my understanding of the fundamental differences between the two setups? I suppose if I went with a single dedicated trunk-mounted massive subwoofer, the 4+1 arrangement would make more sense. But I'm leaning toward just replacing the OEM woofers with a pair of Earthquake SWS-8's (even if they are powered by the lower 75 W output rating of the XD600/6) and leaving the trunk alone. Or am I being a dunce? I like bass but not bone-jarring, head-splitting, heart-pounding bass.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I believe there is a forthcoming JL Audio XD600/5 model that may make the decision-making process even more difficult.
SWS are too inefficient to run off only 75W. I'd probably lean towards the Alpine if those are your only two options. JL HD 900/5 would be a better option.
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