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im a conservative libertarian, i think most of the politicians in congress need to be strung up from the street lamps of DC. I think Ron Paul would be the best choice as president, but theres not enough sheep who have open eyes. I believe the federal govt should be responsible for national defense and justice, leave transportation to the states and let people make there own decisions on how they want to live amoungst there own local communities.

P.s. Fed could still have small areas of controll with a very limited EPA/FDA...other than that i cannot think of any other depts they need other that DOD and DOJ. (Interstate Highway System was created for defense purposes, so that would be the only roadways they would have authority over)

Taxes should either be direct (everyones life is equal, so everyon pays the same for Armed Services and FBI)(we all share ecosytem so we all pay same for EPA) or excise (gas taxes to pay for roads)(booze, cigarette and drug taxes to pay for FDA)
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