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Originally Posted by 07WhiteCoupe View Post
haha thanks so much guys for your support i had my neck turned i was talking with my passenger thats why i think i got a little hurt.. I am also very surprised at the little damage it seemed to have caused we will see once they take the bumper off. I love BMW what a well built car! Its my 3rd BMW and I love it.. we will see what happens but she deserves to pay!
A few years back we had a bad accident in an SUV -- it was totalled. On top of it, my wife was 7.5 months pregnant passenger at the time of accident. The guy in GMC Sierra lost control, crossed the HWY (US1) and t-boned us. We flipped on the roof and ended up in the ditch off the road.
His insurance (State Farm) basically gave us a blank check. I did not take it after my wife and the baby were checked OK at the hospital. Sometimes I wish I did...