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Originally Posted by iku View Post
Hi guys, i just signed up an account!
i usually hang out at a benz forum, but my lease date is coming up (june 11) so im deciding which car to get originally, i wanted to get a b7 s4, but the b8 s4 wil be coming out next year. so i dropped that idea. then i came across to bmw, and found out that the new m3 is coming out! so i'm just wondering if u guys have any opinions on what i should do. (wait? or like the other person's thread, jump on the s4, and wait for a year for the m3?)
btw, my current vehicle is slk32, and i've gotten used to the power :S so i kinda want something more, but i don't want to drive another amg.(it's a great car and all, but yeah, i need a 5seater)
thanks guys