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Originally Posted by MrRoboto View Post
Americans have funded all their enemies at some point.
And why not - its realpolitique. The CIA directly armed and trained the Afghan mudjeheddin to fight the Soviets, Bin Laden himself included. America then feted their Taliban decendents hoping they would allow UNOCAL into the country to give them access to central asian gas and oil. Donald Rumsfeld famously went to Iraq to do business with Saddam Hussein - he was fighting revolutionary Iran.

Why is the west supporting Pakistan now? Because (a) its already partly under the control of the Taliban and (b) it has nuclear weapons. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to be in Afghanistan. The west cannot defeat their warlords, we will rack up year after year after year of casualties until eventually we pull out in defeat just like the Soviets. Nor was there ever a reason to be in Afghanistan. Bin Laden was a sideshow quickly forgotten.

But Pakistan? It needs our support because otherwise we risk arming the Islamic crazies with nukes. Which would be bad.