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Originally Posted by BALLAJL15 View Post
Hey guys, my lease is coming up in October and I am considering picking up a used m3. I would be looking to lease it as I like the change in cars every few years. I have a couple of questions... What deal did you get on your used m3?

Does bmw lease used m3's?

Is it possible to get one for around $45k??

I dont want to pay more than $650/mo if possible.

Thanks for any advice.
I don't recommend swapping/picking up leases, you're picking up bad lease terms from ppl who overpaid back in 2008 to be the first on the block with an M3. Not sure if you can renegoiate used car lease terms.
You can finance a used car, you won't eat as much in depreciation if you resell. How much is a 36 mo used car finance plan these days?

Yes you can get one for around $45k if you don't mind either higher mileage or a sedan.