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Originally Posted by Greeney View Post
can you post some photos of the inside of your shift boot? I would like to see the work you did.
Sorry man, but I'd have to take it apart, and am not going to do that . All you have to do is build-up the shaft once knob is installed (between knob and where shaft widens), to make it slightly thinner than the ring on the knob by about twice the boot's leather thickness, so when you pull up the boot (and bend it back down), boot will be flush with the ring. The area to build up is slightly smaller than regular electrical tape, so you'll have to cut it so it doesn't bulge up where the shaft widens. Finally, if you want the boot to look like factory (no zip-tie bulges, like I did), once you have that 'base' built up, you'd have to carefully cut 2 little squares at opposite ends (I used 12 and 6 o'clock) so the reversed zip-ties' heads (on the inside, rather than the outside, like you normally use them) can reside without showing thru the boot. Hope it was clear. If you were able to do the lighting mod, this would be a lot less challenging ; just use a little imagination. I wanted to make a rubber grommet for a factory look inside too (and being able to remove it and reinstall it easily), but couldn't find anything approaching the right size, so had to improvise this way. As long as I don't have to remove boot again (I shouldn't), there's no difference. Good luck.

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