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Originally Posted by Dice13 View Post
I think half you guys only read half the posts in the thread. But thanks for you 2 cents and any help or advice. Yes I own a very nice house with the finest things in it BTW did I mention What a big pool is in the backyard.

Fellas I got approved the day this thread started. I can well afford this car weather BMW wanted to give it to me or not BTW did I mention a bunch of times they did say ok. I will say it agAIN the MF AT .00245 INSTEAD OF .00180 THATs I wanted. The dealer told me to get a co signer if my credit was not that good for tier 1 credit but as I said a bunch of times in the thread I would get the rate but as we all know it a bunch of BS. Anyway enjoy this thread I hope it helps someone out.

I bet if I got a bulldoser and ran over BMWcars at the dealer and had to pay those cars off, I would never have a problem with BMW,LMAO. If you guys missed anything read the thread . Thanks again for any help offered weather I wanted to here it or not .
Nope no ones missing anything or misreading any post, they know exactly what's up. LOL! If you're such a play-a..and money's seems to be no object (with the bingo trips and a pool etc..) with you, then why are ya bitching about all this .00245 vs .00180 nonsense? For a freaking lease no less...

Heck.. I paid way less than a tier 1er. I paid cash, so I got the 0% rate for 0 years. Beat that..