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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Add another happy no-spring mod... the clutch really feels better without the spring. No more one-two step in clutch feel.
I've finally gotten the chance to replace the old one-spring setup with the new two-spring setup. I didn't try driving w/o any springs installed but could feel the linearity in the clutch after removing the spring. When I did get the two-spring setup installed and drove, the shifting felt very smooth and i felt a lot more competent shifting; especially when starting from 1st gear. I can even shift faster and smoother with ease. Before, I really had to pay attention to the one-two step of the one-spring setup and make sure the car didn't jerk at all. In addition to all the advice on this thread it helps to use a small mirror in order to see where to "poke" the e-clip out of the bolt that holds the clutch-spring setup in place. The e-clip is on the left-side which makes it difficult for anyone with even a small head see to what they're doing. That's why the mirror comes in handy.

No more one-two stepping. And, it was really starting to hurt my knee. I could feel my knee popping every so often. Thanks everyone.