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Originally Posted by Leonardo629 View Post
Did you pay the 2k deposit already?

What happens if the deal goes sour.....with everything marked up and stuff....and you decide to back out of the deal? Do you lose the deposit?
If I am not happy with the price when new pkgs and prices are told I can back out. I ordered or placed order July 17th. They built car with old pkg but nothing hapened till order received till July 21,production # July 26,then today I get a new production #.

I can back out of deal if I want too cause dealer told me with a Co signer with good credit I will get tier 1 MF. Well that went sour, I am told by dealer BMW wants cap cost,MSDs and MF of 00245 instead of. 00180,I can back out from all that.

They were great with loners on my 135 vert, and will not give loner if car is not gotten through them. Will BMW give me all the info dealer gave me about the MF and what they want.

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