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Issues ordering 2011 m3 comp package

I originally posted this in the genral forum but realized it may be better suited for the Pricing forum:

Im a long time reader but I have never actually posted. I come to the forums to search and over the years I have found lots of great advice and feedback here. Last week I ordered a 2011 comp package M3 and I wanted to post my experience. I was able to negotiate $500 over invoice for the car. I went to the dealership and we spec'd out the car, agreed on pricing and signed the paperwork. Today I recieve a call from the dealership stating they made a mistake and I will need to come up with an extra $1500 to complete the order. No explanation of where the extra $1500 came from. Wow! Now I understand that mistakes happen so I explained to the manager that I was willing to pay an extra $1000 if they could show me where the mistake occured, but I was not willing to pay $1500. The manager was not nice about the situation, in fact he stated "you have two choices, pay the difference or cancel the order" I was surprises considering this wasnt MY mistake. I figured I would at least get an apology and they would work with me considering we already signed the paperwork. In the end I can get the deal Im looking for at 2 other dealerships so I will still have the M3 built and recieve it within 8 weeks or so. I just wanted to get everyones feedback on this situation. My feeling is if the manager didnt liek the deal he shouldnt have approved it to begin with when I was sitting in the dealership.