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Originally Posted by scutri View Post
CA was something i wanted but wouldnt have died if i didnt get it.. i wanted everything in that package except for theft alarm, i dont think each was individual option,
Gotcha. Like I say, Nav, PDC and USB should indeed be available standalone, unless they have changed that as of September. So, if you were/are trying to be as minimalist as possible, you could just order those individually. But, since you want CA anyway, you might as well get the package.

but to be honest i have to go thru everything again now that pricing came out.

btw, my all in cost is $100 lower MSRP and i got the anti theft alarm too, so all worked out ok. Mike from Tenafly called me today.
Didn't know 2011.5 pricing was out - that's big news as far as I know. I guess I'll check the ordering forum to see if it has been posted there.
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