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[quote=mkoesel;7751776]Congrats on your order.

If you don't mind me asking, what was it about the convenience package that you had to have? Was it Comfort Access? I ask because I know that in the past, Navigation, PDC, and USB could all be ordered standalone, and I would guess that this will continue from September on as well. So, the only thing included in the convenience package that could not previously be ordered stand-alone is CA. Sure, it's a good bet that the annoying "CA-cock-block" will continue, yes, but unless this is confirmed for sure by the ordering system already, I would not necessarily assume it to be true.

CA was something i wanted but wouldnt have died if i didnt get it.. i wanted everything in that package except for theft alarm, i dont think each was individual option, but to be honest i have to go thru everything again now that pricing came out.

btw, my all in cost is $100 lower MSRP and i got the anti theft alarm too, so all worked out ok. Mike from Tenafly called me today.