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Not sure where exactly ppl are venturing out to in India, but it's not that crazy/disgusting. Yes, the cities are pretty dirty w/filth on the roadsides and the ghetto/slums; but, if you're a tourist who's only really going there to look at touristy places, I have no idea why you'd go to those places. I've walked around in South Bombay, Bandra, etc. at night w/no issues.

If you're going to see the Taj, for example, all you do is leave your 5* hotel, get in a taxi or the hotel's car, and they take you straight there. Get out, check it out, and you're back on your way. It's not some rogue country where every other person is gonna rape/rob/shoot you. Eat at the reputable 4-5* restaurants and, again, you're fine. I've eaten at the roadside stalls as well w/o any problems, but it is a bigger risk.

Go to the good bar/clubs in Bandra/south Bombay/Delhi at night and you'll find little difference betw that and the U.S. If you have an open mind and aren't stupid, you won't get into a situation that'll put you in harms way (this is the case whether you're in India or south Philly).