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Originally Posted by HuangYiChao View Post
Sorry not trying to be racist but of all places South Africa?
I guess it is racist if your logic is South Africa = lots of black africans, lots of black africans = poor people, black africans = how can they afford special edition M3s?
If so, yes your thinking is racist in a way, but reflective of how the social structure of SA is and people's ignorance of the world other than their little neighborhood (IE People think the Republic of Georgia, is Georgia, like Atlanta Georgia). There's a large white population there that were decendents of the landowners and industrialists and believe me, they got money, they run the economy.

That said, you should probably brief yourself on the history of South Africa before making a comment like this. You'll find out that there's plenty of money in South Africa. Out of all the countries in Africa it's the biggest economy, there must be a reason why the World Cup was held there, don't you think?

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