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Lightbulb 25 Year Special M3 Frozen Edition (matte black) from BMW SA (w/ power bump)

BMW South Africa is releasing 25 special edition M3's that boast a 30hp and 20nm increase over stock.

To celebrate 25 years of the BMW M3, BMW SA’s Rosslyn team is at it again: they have created a special version of the current V8 BMW M3 Coupe to celebrate the quarter-century.

Only 25 will be assembled in a choice of Frozen Black or Frozen Grey. The paint finish is matte, the brake callipers red inside glossy, black 19-inch alloy rims and the upholstery black leather with red stitching.

Each unit will have the M Dual Clutch Transmission as part of the standard specification and rely heavily on performance-enhancing parts from AC Schnitzer, among them the exhaust pipe, intake manifold and revised engine management system.

The Frozen Edition BMW M3 Coupé will produce 330kW at 8400rpm and 420Nm at 3900rpm (the standard BMW M3 makes 309kW at 8300rpm and 400Nm at 3900rpm).

Only eight cars will be available in 2010, the rest in the first quarter of 2011.

The BMW M3 Frozen Edition will be priced at almost R1.2 million.

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** Update: Awesome new set of photos from pro photographer Seagram Pearce. **

See all the photos on Seagram Pearce's flickr photostream: or his official website for his work:

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Again, these photos by Mr. Seagram Pearce, make sure to check out his other work! or
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