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M3 price (invoice vs MSRP)

Hi guys,
I'm getting close to buying a 2011 M3, and was wondering what your experiences have been with pricing on new M3s. I know both the invoice and MSRP of the car I'm looking at, as well as the "what people are paying" price according to Edmunds (about 1.7k below MSRP, 4.2k above invoice). My question is, what can I reasonably expect to get as a price on this car? I know that this varies from dealer to dealer, and from car to car, but in general, what should I be shooting for? I've heard people on forums saying they payed just over invoice, which would be great.
Finally, I'm looking at the car for a two-year lease, not as a purchase, but this shouldn't change negotiations too much, should it?
P.S. I've been looking at lease rates on BMW North America, which look great, but when I got a quote from the dealer, the rate was considerably higher; even without taxes figured in. Has this been your experience, or are they asking too much?