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Originally Posted by ********** View Post
I've seen both pieces and to be honest they not only fit the exact same by they're virtually identical.
You know i respect you a great deal, mike, but you've just demonstrated your fundamental misunderstanding of carbon composites.

Wet lay cf is to dry vacuum cf as cast alloy wheels are to forged aluminum wheels.... As a Kia is to a BMW.... As a fossil is to a rolex. Both do the job in a cursory way, but only one is top quality, engineered to last using the finest manufacturing techniques. The other just tries it's hardest to "look" like he real deal.

I'm not interested in engaging in this same tired argument. Suffice it to say that if price is your primary concern (over longevity, quality, weight, warranty, strength, fitment, etc....), Vorsteiner is not for you. If you want top grade products at an affordable price, then it is. If you want the best of the best, go pay 5k for an Ericsson bootlid.

If you're serious about the Vorsteiner product, please feel free to call us toll free and our representatives will spend as much time as you like explaining the differences and what you get with authentic vrs. Having that conversation here is just not productive due to huge biases.

The suggestion that a wet lay product is comparable is a joke. Even if it fits well now, let's talk in a year when it's yellowed and warped. I'm a huge advocate of Taiwan for a lot of products... Lighting, plastics, even some of our electronics come from there. But when you're talking about a huge panel of your car... Stick to American, German, Swedish, or Japanese manufacturers. I have yet to see decent dry carbon out of china or Taiwan.

P.S. Yes, we do support Vorsteiner tirelessly... That's because we used to sell the other crap and know how many problems our customers had. Our customers expect and deserve quality.

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