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Originally Posted by linsm3 View Post
all advice is not too late, it's not till next monday. I have the basics, helmet and all that other stuff but am concerned about the tires and my wheels/rims. The BBS are really nice and I haven't nicked them and would be really upset if I did. You guys have given me great advice, I actually copied everything including the links and have it in a binder and will bring to the track and look it over more during my sit out times in the pit! I am afraid I am already hooked, the one day at M school did it and now I look for the sight line or whatever its called whenever I approach a turn. I think one suggestion of getting coilovers will be next along with a different set of wheels. From what I get taking the PS2's out for once or twice won't hurt but it makes sense to not use them. I can have the guys at IND help me with the drop and spacers I have on, that is definitely not something I feel qualified to even talk about with a wheel set up. I have so much to learn but I already have the love of driving fast so at least that's something.
IMO, you should learn to drive the car as it is, on street tires. Once you become consistent and your times reach a plateau, then you should think of upgrading. But, frankly, the car does not NEED coilovers, or track tires, or 275 tires all around, or stiffer springs, etc, etc. All these things may give you more confidence but, because they will make your life easier, they will slow down your development. The truth is, the car is fine as it is. Of course, it can be improved for the track, but making the car better is the easy part. I think many drivers don't set their priorities right. If your car is never good enough for you and you're focusing on improving it, you're probably not focusing enough on improving your driving skills.

Think of Top Gear's "reasonably priced car". Almost any car is track-worthy as long as you know its limit. And the M3's limit is pretty high, even 100% stock.

Having said that, if you want to change something, I think that brake pads and tires should be at the top of your list. When your instructor thinks that you can benefit from track tires, he will probably let you know (if he hasn't done so already). One of the most important things about driving is learning to feel how much grip is left in your tires, and you will learn that much quicker on street tires.

Really, all you really need at this point are your car and lots of liquids. Personally, I also find 5-Hour Energy shots very effective when I have to get up at 5AM .

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