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Originally Posted by ///00M5 View Post
Don't go to PDI they suck. I have air bubbles and they still haven't made arrangements to fix it.
You need to contact me before making misinformed statements. We always take very good care of all our customers and if there is a problem I will get them in first before any new customers.

Had you followed our Care and Instructions sheet you would not have any problems to begin with. We are the only ones to supply this and do it for the customers benefit.

You called us 6 months after we did the install and told me that you had your car in storage all this time where no sun light could cure out the film. You did not tell us that you were doing this when you picked up your car or we would have told you to wait till spring. We then could install the film and not worry about how it would cure.
Anyway, you said that you would drop your car off at the body that did the work so we could address the bubbles. We squeezed you in and went to the body shop to take care of your car but no one heard or knew anything about you leaving your car there. And YOU were a no show and didn't even call to let us know. I called you from the body shop and you told me that you forgot to bring it there for us to work on. I guess our time is not very important. Seems clear who is to blame for you continued problems. You said that when you have the time you would call me to set up a appointment. I to this day have not heard back from you. We tried to take good care of your needs in fixing something that is not under warranty for you but you dropped the ball not us. We have always taken care of any problems that our customers have as soon as our customers can get their vehicle to us. We were going out of our way to go to a shop that was 15 miles away to help you.

So please don't blame us for your lack of common courtesy in following up with us. You took the time to write a negative remark about us but still I have not heard from you. I have fixed out of my pocket customer vehicles that were not warranty problems, I have even fixed other clear bra dealers installs because we are in the service business first and will go out of our way to take care the customer. A badly installed clear bra from a other dealer is a black eye that I cannot take. I will work with anyone that is not happy with there clear bra they had installed by a other dealer.

In order to be able to take care of your vehicle we need you to follow through and show up when you say you are going to be there and set up a appointment.

If you want this matter resolved contact me at 913-422-1742 or email me through our web site at


Dennis @ PDI Clear Bra