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Originally Posted by aus View Post
The APEX wheels are well regarded by many people who track their cars on Bimmeforums. There's 10.5" version coming out that will work for our cars with a small spacer. They would work well with the 9.5" in front that they already have.

I decided to get the APEX wheels (9.5" front/10" rear) since I could get a set of wheel/TPMS/tires NT05) for around $2,000 total, vs. the $2,700 for CCW's or $3,000 for the TE37-SL. Obviously they're not forged so it's not a fair comparison. The D-Force are a good comparable wheel if you have a Brembo kit; I think you'll need a small spacer with them though.

If you're only going to do a couple events a year, you're probably better off just using your stock wheels or getting a set of stock 18" used. If you really want to save your tires, then you need camber plates, especially with PS2's. They have really soft sidewall's and roll over easily.
Thanks Aus! Good info for Lin and for me as well!

Originally Posted by garek View Post
I hope this suggestion is not too late, but I think maybe you should perhaps only get the bare essential stuff now. Go through the track day, and make sure you like tracking your car. Then if you decide you like it, and will do it again, then start getting the other stuff. Otherwise, you could end up spending a fair amount of money on stuff you won't use.

This is what I'd consider essential for the first time:

1. Helmet
2. Torque wrench + 17MM socket + 3 inch extension
3. Ice chest with water/sports drinks
4. Foldable chair
5. Sunscreen + Hat
+1 Totally agree.