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Originally Posted by linsm3 View Post
Thanks Ron and now I am totally confused about the wheels, would like to get them if I go again before the season is over as I agree I don't want to beat up my new PS2'S, not to mention my lovely BBS-LM's
Well that makes two of us Lin! I'm not concerned about tires, but my "nice" stock 19s are in perfect condition and I'd like to keep it that way.

I don't want to pay 3-4K for a set of wheels so that they're "forged" (which I know are > cast) for what will amount to a few track days/year if, for example, the Apex wheels will do the job and are safe.

I also think it's probably a reality that if you track the car whatever wheels you have aren't going to be bulletproof and you'll probably bend or damage a wheel sooner or later. A ~300 dollar vs. 1K dollar replacement seems to make more sense.

But only if these are safe wheels. Since neither you nor I are competitive racers they may be just the ticket until we hit the big league (yeah, like that's going to happen to me ).

Here's the link to the Apex vendor thread. They're not bad to look at either, but with your 380 Brembos finding a wheel to fit the brakes becomes the biggest hurdle. I'll have to search a bit, but now I seem to recall the Apex wheel will not work with those monster brakes. That means you have to search mainly on fitment not price.

EDIT: Apex will not work for you Lin! "All the 18" wheel barrels were modifed in order to clear a stoptech 380mm BBK. They do not clear brembo 380mm kits." Gearhead999 make a recommendation for wheels that would fit. If so, that's the advice to take!

EDIT 2: If you plan to track more than a couple times, then wheels probably make sense. For a single outing, or for your first outing, you'll be fine with what you're running now IMO. Others in this thread seem to agree. Does that simplyfy things for the first day a couple weeks from now? Just do it, then figure out where to go with wheels and tires next....

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