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I think the biggest issue I have is the blind faith believer, the ones who have no evidence to base their beliefs on but swear it's all true.

May years ago I had a conversation with a Muslim priest who said evolution is manmade and fossils of dinosaurs were planted in the earth. At this point I said we may as well end this conversation as this is ludicrous. The trouble here is that it's this sort of brainwashed individual that is spreading the word to others.

Another guy I knew (a devout Jew) and a person I had high respect for was cursing the story about the Hadron Collider one morning when I was in the office. When I pushed him for more information he told me that messing around with nature in this way is disrespectful to his beliefs, he went on explaining that God created the world, not the big bang. He went on to say that black matter was a made up theory that attacked the Jewish religion and everything it stood for.

Now none of us know for sure how we came to be exactly, but I'd rather go poking around in the soil looking for physical evidence to prove/disprove my beliefs than reading an old book and being brainwashed with stories that have no tangible evidence to back them up.

As for Christianity, this one has caused more blood shed and wars than any other, even to this very day. Bizarre how the world leaders who instigate these wars also proclaim to be devoutly religious.
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