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hey guys, thanks for the advice. i just got home yesterday at 1am.

360 Tower: the views were simply amazing. we got there in the evening so the lights were all up. the food wasn't so bad but the price was really expensive for the small meal i got . the view itself was very well worth it though.

Ottowa: we explored the 1000 islands took the boat tour and also toured the house on the heart island that was never completed. explored the city near there as well. 1000 islands was very relaxing.

Montreal: this place was nice. if you can imagine manhattan minus all the fat chicks and thats what you have. everyone was very well dressed and the girls were all skinny and very pretty . gotta go there with some friends sometime and hit up the night life. we explored montreal through a tour which was suprisingly good as we got a funny bus driver. we also explored the underground city which was simply great on its own.

Maine: comming from montreal to maine i discovered one amazing road, completely secluded in the mountains comming down and only saw 2 people the entire trip. make sure you fill up on gas though before going in as there were no gas stations the entire path, kinda scary. the roads were nicely paved but once it got dark shit was kinda scary but the bends omg were amazing. i was driving with a smile for 1 hour, the path was like 60 miles in the secluded mountains going up and down elevation. acadia park was the shit here though. only regret was we didn't bring a tent, etc to stay here longer so many things to do. cadillac mountain was amazing. after this we stopped by for some maine lobster which they said had less cholestrol then chicken and beef, im assuming its because of the water they come from?

all in all it was a great trip with the family, away from the busy everday life. but shit i gotta hit up montreal again with friends . thanks for the help guys once again.

2 things i hated were the high tax & i couldn't find 93 octane anywhere highest was 91. is that the highest in canada?
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