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Originally Posted by MJC///M3 View Post
I think we will get another drop in home prices...and precipitously so.....

while earnings season has yielded overall positive results....I still am still somewhat circumspect about this "recovery."

It will definitely be an interesting close to fiscal 2010....certainly hope things will get better for us!
+1 (unfortunately). We've seen a lot of the real short term ARMs and 3-year ARMs already adjust. 5-yr ARMs seem to round out the list of popular mortgages. With the housing peak in the 2005-2006 time frame, we've yet to see the bulk of those readjust. Hopefully, those people were smart enough to refi at some point or have already gotten out of their homes (in one way or another). Glad I refi'd to a lower rate while I at least had a little bit of equity left! Man I hate losing my money due to other people's foolishness.

That plus we'll see how the umployment situtation goes this year.