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Originally Posted by signes View Post
Tire Rack's statement is correct but refers to new rubber. A slick tire has the most grip and a shaved tire will also offer more grip than a comparable tire with full tread blocks. That all assumes new rubber. A tire worn down through use to the same tread depth as a shaved tire will not offer the same grip. Doesn't mean you can't use it, just be prepared for a potentially very slippery feel. For your first track day it should be fine.
Btw this is my first time on a race course. I just realized that my treads in the rear are just about down to their wear indicators. Should I worry about a tire blowing out on the race track? What's the worst that can happen. I also notice that the safety checklist asks if tires are more than 2/32". Will i be allowed on the track if rear treads are only 2/32"?