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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
Maybe I read that wrong, but aren't those 2 statements conflicting? You said you would upgrade to an SSD over a Velociraptor, but then go on to say both a SSD and a VR aren't that much faster compared to a Caviar Black from your tests?

Also, I believe it is too early to get a USB 3.0. Not too early to buy one, but the market isn't quite there yet. I personally would wait til it becomes a bit more mainstream. Which should happen next year.

I personally am going to build a whole new system next year. There should be some great steps forward. As well as the games to actually put them to the test.

If you don't currently use RAID, then you could configure the two drives as a RAID-0 array, providing you don't mind halving the MTBF. If your currently unprotected, then this shouldn't be too much of an issue and could save you money as well as boost performance. Just make sure you take regular backups.

Two striped 10k RPM drives still wouldn't give you the IOPs capacity of one SSD. It'd probably take somewhere around eight to ten striped drives to do that, minimally.