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Originally Posted by kaykay View Post
I would upgrade to an SSD for your OS and keep the Velociraptors for storage.

I've benched the Western Digital Caviar Black vs. the Velociraptors and the MB/s transfers aren't that much better. I've also benched the WD Caviar Black with 4 SSD's and the transfers aren't that much better either.
Maybe I read that wrong, but aren't those 2 statements conflicting? You said you would upgrade to an SSD over a Velociraptor, but then go on to say both a SSD and a VR aren't that much faster compared to a Caviar Black from your tests?

Also, I believe it is too early to get a USB 3.0. Not too early to buy one, but the market isn't quite there yet. I personally would wait til it becomes a bit more mainstream. Which should happen next year.

I personally am going to build a whole new system next year. There should be some great steps forward. As well as the games to actually put them to the test.