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Originally Posted by my92 View Post
At the very least, these religions teach society moral values, much more than what can be said about atheism.
Really? How about all of that silly stuff in faiths telling their followers to kill others, take an eye for an eye, shun certain people, commit infanticide, etc? Interesting, considering that I have been an atheist for some time now and I have never once done any of these things in the name of atheism, much more than can be said about religion of any kind.

Now, pick anyone famous for being a piece of shit and look for the religion in their backgrounds. Jihadist Terrorists, Hitler, Kim Jong-il, Westboro Baptist Church, etc.

Religious people often consider atheists to be bad people with no morals because they haven't been saved by God's graces (because they are told things like this by the church; give me a break). Most of them are not even vocal about atheism in reality. You have equal chances of being a religious piece of shit and an atheist piece of shit. Atheists are exactly what the word means: Prefix "a," meaning "without," and "theism," meaning "belief in deities." That is to say, they are people who don't believe in deities, not militant Satan worshipers who are coming to burn down your house and rape your mom.

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