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your post reminds me what an old wise man once told me. "you are an idiot to think you are important enough that God cares about you."

I f God is the all mighty that created EVERYTHING in the universe, how foolish is it to think you are the most intelligent creature God created out of the whole universe? How different is that view from back then when they thought Earth was the center of the universe and the sun revolves around the earth because we are so god damn important?

This is also related to this example given on History channel by some Japanese scientist once.

On why we should not try to contact aliens.

it's a lose lose situation for us.

if we are more intelligent, then they won't get our signals nor will they send out signals because they are dumb animals.

if they are more intelligent, we won't receive their messages nor will they get ours. Think Indians use to communicate with smoke signals, that was their highest technology for long distance communication. They won't receive radio signals from Europe, nor will Europe get their smoke signals. The tech diff is just too great.

We are looking for human equivalent intelligence with our very limited range communication tools, it's a waste of money.

worst case scenario. (also from history channel)
Think the higher intelligence aliens as humans and we are ants. When you walk by an anthill, do you stop and try to communicate with it? NO!. Why, because it's a waste of your time because they are so much less intelligent and we gain nothing from communicating with them. So we leave them alone and build our super highways and sky scrapers around them. Only when they are in the way, do we crush their world, no ifs, no buts, no negotiations, no warning. So for all we know there are probably universe superhighways right next to earth and we just don't know its there because we are dumb and we are just lucky that earth is not in its way.