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Originally Posted by scutri View Post
It's kind of weird timing w/ the factory shut down and whatnot, so I will be getting a September build hopefully by end of Sept or early Oct. I didnt want the anti theft alarm, but it part of the convenience package now so i really had no choice.
Congrats on your order.

If you don't mind me asking, what was it about the convenience package that you had to have? Was it Comfort Access? I ask because I know that in the past, Navigation, PDC, and USB could all be ordered standalone, and I would guess that this will continue from September on as well. So, the only thing included in the convenience package that could not previously be ordered stand-alone is CA. Sure, it's a good bet that the annoying "CA-cock-block" will continue, yes, but unless this is confirmed for sure by the ordering system already, I would not necessarily assume it to be true.

In other words, you may be able to skip ZCV and just order the individual options you want. If you don't care about CA, this is a really, really good bet. If you do, well, it's not so likely unfortunately. Now, whether or not doing it this way would mean spending more for less, we can't say until the prices are released.
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