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The M3 is a little SWIFTer now

If you have seen my other threads then you would have seen my Hotchkis sway bar install and that I am in pursuit of an even better handling e36.
I am currently on TEIN SS-P's and I love them. Now they aren't AST 4200's or TC Kline D/A's but they have been a great coilover to date.
One thing that had bothered me though was the spring rates. I am currently running 559F/532R. For a car that is only 3150lbs, 550+ is a pretty aggressive
rate for a car that is 95% street driven.

So, I started talking to my local shop, HP Autowerks to see what they suggested to increase handling and comfort (I realize this may sound like an oxy moron).
Harold, the owner, suggested that I change my spring rates and at the same time step up to a much better quality spring in the process. Also, he suggested running
a linear spring rate in the rear for more consistent handling. So, I went ahead and did it.

I chose to go with Swift springs as they have had terrific reviews in comparison to Vogtland and Hyperco (both respected brands but Swift outshined them in testing).

Basically, what is to follow is the first TEIN SS-P Swift Spring conversion. Description of picture is below picture.

Everything at the start. Swift 448F/616R Springs, Swift Thrust Sheets, AST Rear Height Adjusters and Vorshlag Nylon Seats.

Swift Front Springs

Thrust Sheets (Help to keep the spring free moving/prevent twisting which results in spring rate increases)

6" 11 Kilo 60mm Spring, quite light

6" 8 Kilo 65mm spring

Front Spring Tein weight 559LB 65mm 7"

Vogtland Weight 450Lb (8 Kilo) 60mm 6"

Rear Spring Weight TEIN, Progressive


Assembled rear spring weight Tein

Assembled rear spring wieght AST

Rears Before

Comparison pic
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