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Alien Intelligence

Have you ever wondered that all religions could be nonsense ? At the end of the day they are a bunch of stories that indotrinate us at a young age so that we mould into the society that teaches them.

Look at Muslims, Jews and Christians, they have their own interpretations and feed their tales to us at a young age when we are most vunerable.

What if.... they were all wrong. What if something else was responsible?

I mean we have the intellect to question everything, so why the hell not?

I see devout religious people every day but often think to myself, why the hell do you beleive it? I bet you 80% will say their families are responsible and that is indoctrination.. a kind of brainwashing for the masses.

How can we be the only plannet in this and any other solar sytem that has life?

Atheism maybye... free thinking is better.

Don't beleive the Hype!

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